[Solved] How to reduce blob using aspect ratio?

you can use regionprops for that , for example: s=regionprops(bw,’BoundingBox’,’PixelIdxList’); where bw is your binary image. The output of s.BoundingBox is a [x,y,width,height] vector you can loop over s for i=1:numel(s) ar(i) = s(i).BoundingBox(3)/s(i).BoundingBox(4) end and see if the width/height ratio ar (or whatever you define aspect ratio) is approx above 1 or not (because … Read more

[Solved] how to display a bitmap on imageview fetched from sqlite database in android

look at this code: you must load image bytes from cursor and convert it to Bitmap. byte[] imageBytes = getBlob(cursor, “ImageFieldName”, null); if (imageBytes != null) { Bitmap bmp= convertByteArrayToBitmap(imageBytes); imageview1.setImageBitmap(bmp); } private byte[] getBlob(Cursor cursor, String colName, byte[] defaultValue) { try { int colIndex; if (cursor != null && (colIndex = cursor.getColumnIndex(colName)) > -1 … Read more

[Solved] How can upload files to Azure Blob Storage from web site images?

It’s actually pretty simple and you can ask Azure Storage to do the work for you :). Essentially what you have to do is invoke Copy Blob operation. With this operation, you can specify any publicly accessible URL and Azure Storage Service will create a blob for you in Azure Storage by copying the contents … Read more