[Solved] why instance variable returns null in c#? [closed]

So, where you call GetSingleLocationInfo, you are calling an async method. GetSingleLocationInfo calwill therefore run as far as the await statement then return stright to the caller, before the it httpClient.GetStringAsync(hereNetUrl); has returned. To fix this, you need to await on your call GetSingleLocationInfo before trying to access the variable. 1 solved why instance variable … Read more

[Solved] All tasks are blocked from ContinueWith [C#].. while calling Task.Delay waiting a value that should be changed by other tasks

Calling Run Initializing the tasks from within the constructor was the crime comitted.. Just by moving it to the constuctor of the Control .. it was solved! 1 solved All tasks are blocked from ContinueWith [C#].. while calling Task.Delay waiting a value that should be changed by other tasks

[Solved] For a concurrent download handler does this create a race condition?

As you can tell from some of the comments, multithreaded code is serious business. It’s best to follow a proven pattern, e.g. producer-consumer, or at least use an established synchronization primitive like a monitor or semaphore. Because I might be wrong. It is easy to go over code that you came up with yourself and … Read more

[Solved] Object reference not set to an instance of an object Request.Browser set to null NullReferenceException [closed]

This code will not compile as c# will not allow you to have methods and properties that are not defined in a class/type. Really you need to have a class and that class should have a constructor and that constructor should take a Request instance as a parameter and execute a null value check in … Read more

[Solved] how to wait for user to click then console log variable

your code is not triggering event by clicking, and you should pass argument result in resolve let onlyBtn = document.getElementById(“onlyButton”); let result; async function realMain() { await step().then((res) => { console.log(res); }); } async function step() { return new Promise((resolve) => { onlyBtn.addEventListener(“click”, function () { result = “nice”; resolve(result); }); }); } realMain(); <div> … Read more

[Solved] C/C++ code using pthreads to execute sync and async communications

There is no general problem with two threads executing system calls on the same socket. You may encounter some specific issues, though: If you call recvfrom() in both threads (one waiting for the PLC to send a request, and the other waiting for the PLC to respond to a command from the server), you don’t … Read more

[Solved] Asynchronous and synchronous

Synchronous means that the code that initiates the synchronous requests waits and blocks until the request completes. The calling and the called code are “in sync”. Asynchronous means the code that initiates the request continues immediately and the asynchronous call will complete sometime later. The calling and the called code are “not in sync” or … Read more

[Solved] How can i get result from export module using async/await

Return a promise from your config.js file. mongodb client supports promises directly, just do not pass the callback parameter and use then. config.js module.exports = (app) => { const mongo_client = require(‘mongodb’).MongoClient; const assert = require(‘assert’); const url=”mongodb://localhost:27017″; const db_name=”portfolio”; return mongo_client.connect(url).then(client => { assert.equal(null, err); console.log(‘Connection Successfully to Mongo’); return client.db(db_name); }); }; And … Read more

[Solved] What’s the difference between await (async) Task and await Task? [duplicate]

Case B is not async-await. If you have a thread, and this thread has to start a fairly lengthy process in which it has nothing to do but wait, usually because someone / something else performs the operation, then your thread could decide to do something else instead of waiting for the operation to finish. … Read more