[Solved] Python urllib2 or requests post method [duplicate]

This is not the most straight forward post request, if you look in developer tools or firebug you can see the formdata from a successful browser post: All that is pretty straight forward bar the fact you see some : embedded in the keys which may be a bit confusing, simpleSearchSearchForm:commandSimpleFPSearch is the key and … Read more

[Solved] Python: Find a Sentence between some website-tags using regex

If you must do it with regular expressions, try something like this: a = re.finditer(‘<a.+?question-hyperlink”>(.+?)</a>’, html) for m in a: print m.group(1) Just for the reference, this code does the same, but in a far more robust way: doc = BeautifulSoup(html) for a in doc.findAll(‘a’, ‘question-hyperlink’): print a.text solved Python: Find a Sentence between some … Read more