[Solved] The most accurate timer qt C++

Run a QTimer on a separate QThread which doesn’t do anything else. If you’re running the timer on an already busy thread the timeout events may not come on time or not at all. Make a worker class e.g. “PingPacketWorker”, implement a slot that does pinging. Make a QThread. Connect your QTimer and PingPacketWorker signal/slots. … Read more

[Solved] Bad timer in Windows service

You have most likely an error somewhere in your timer making it throw an exception. You will not detect that since System.Timers.Timer silently ignores all unhandled exceptions. You’ll therefore have to wrap all code with a try/catch block: private void getFileList(object sender, EventArgs e) { try { DeleteOldBackupFiles(); } catch (Exception ex) { //log exception … Read more

[Solved] How to know what r,g,b values to use for get other colours to paint a JFrame dynamically?

Your current approach is indeed not easily generalizable. The hard-coded parts of the buttons for “blue” and “green”, and especially the special methods like blueToGreen make it impossible to extend the number of colors with reasonable effort. (You don’t want to create methods blueToYellow, blueToRed, blueToTheThirdColorFromThisListForWhichIDontKnowAName …). There are many possible ways of generalizing this. … Read more

[Solved] How can I do a countdown timer with html?

If you want to use only javascript, without any server-side language you could store the time that is left in the localStorage variable, because after you exit the website/browser it will stay the same; Example: function countdown() { time = parseInt(localStorage.time); //All variables in localstorage are strings //Resets timer if cannot parse the localStorage.time variable … Read more

[Solved] Time shift in time format as input, the shifted real time as output [closed]

You will probably want some thing like the Calendar for the time addition. Example: Calendar future = Calendar.getInstance(); future.add(Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY, enteredHour); future.add(Calendar.MINUTE, enteredMinute); future.add(Calendar.SECOND, enteredSecond); //And so on… //Now the calendar instance ‘future’ holds the current time plus the added values. As for entering the time, one possibility is to enter it as a text, and … Read more

[Solved] How can I use Program a game after swing.Timer stopped?

Your problem is that you don’t use correct architecture pattern. You should separate your business logic from your presentation. Also you should store variables (like time_left) in model, not in the controller (i.e. ActionListener). Please read about: Model View Controller pattern. It’s a basic pattern and it’ll solve most of yours problems. Basic Example Editor.java … Read more

[Solved] Text change when background colour changes using Javascript

Simply have the text in an array, ( get it from some elements using jquery – however you want it) iterate through it and change the content inside the div using html() function when you are changing the color. Simple modification of your code would be something like function changeColorAndText(element, curNumber){ curNumber++; if(curNumber > 4){ … Read more

[Solved] Android Countdown timer with double speed

You should actually try doing it yourself first, but: new CountDownTimer(5000, 500) { public void onTick(long millisUntilFinished) { timerText.setText(“Half-seconds remaining: ” + millisUntilFinished / 500); } public void onFinish() { timerText.setText(“done!”); } }.start(); The CountDownTimer has two parameters in its constructor, one for the length of the timer as a whole (called millisInFuture, the first … Read more

[Solved] Thread.sleep vs Timers

Thread.sleep which stops all processing, so what if you had a loop inside it, and what if this loop was comparing identical objects? Would it keep creating a new instance of this loop?, and if it does what is the end result, say, if it was processing some heavy duty instructions in that loop? no, … Read more