[Solved] How can I do a countdown timer with html?

If you want to use only javascript, without any server-side language you could store the time that is left in the localStorage variable, because after you exit the website/browser it will stay the same;


function countdown() {
    time = parseInt(localStorage.time); //All variables in localstorage are strings
    //Resets timer if cannot parse the localStorage.time variable or if the time is greater than 30 mins
    if(isNaN(time) || time > (30*60)) {
        alert("An error occured: time left variable is corrupted, resetting timer");
        localStorage.time = 30*60; //30 mins in seconds
        return null;    
    //Decrementing time and recalling the function in 1 second
    localStorage.time = time;
    setTimeout('countdown()', 1000);

You can add a function that turn seconds into: Minutes:Seconds and edit the function so it will change an element everytime it calls it self, or do something when the time reaches 0(don’t forget to call it once, unless the timer won’t run). Good luck!

I made a pen for you:

It should have everything you need.

P.S: you should probably remove the alert when checking if timer is corrupted because it will show when the timer wasn’t set.

solved How can I do a countdown timer with html?