[Solved] How do I make a function in python which takes a list of integers as an input and outputs smaller lists with only two values?

If you only want groups of two (as opposed to groups of n), then you can hardcode n=2 and use a list comprehension to return a list of lists. This will also create a group of one at the end of the list if the length of the list is odd: some_list = [‘a’,’b’,’c’,’d’,’e’] [some_list[i:i+2] … Read more

[Solved] How to generate random sampling in python . with integers. with sum and size given

You can use random.gauss to generate 6 numbers around a mean with a certain standard deviation (closeness) and as per @PatrickArtner suggestion construct the 7th one, e.g. using 3 standard devs from mean: In []: import random vals = [int(random.gauss(341/7, 3)) for _ in range(6)] vals.append(341 – sum(vals)) vals, sum(vals), sum(vals)/7 Out[]: ([47, 47, 48, … Read more