[Solved] How to import images in a bulk import function? [closed]

You can use as bellow script for CSV $row = 1; $counter = 0; $urls = array(); $desdir = “Destination_DIR_URL”; //Ex: 250×250/ for current directory, create the directory with named 250×250 if (($handle = fopen(“targetfile.csv”, “r”)) !== FALSE) { while (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 1000, “,”)) !== FALSE) { $num = count($data); $counter++; $row++; if($counter > … Read more

[Solved] How to browse using python? [closed]

You can do that using Selenium and automate google search first install selenium in your idle or pycharm Selenium pip install selenium install Chromedriver Download the chrome browser from here (choose the version for your system) After downloading, extract it and then copy the file in the folder of the script. from selenium import webdriver … Read more

[Solved] How to import the package in the Go

You must provide only 1 package within single folder. Consider to name package like the folder. In your case create folder “utils” and move your helper.go in there. Please, don’t forget to name public types, vars and funcs properly: start their names with uppercase symbol: Finally your project would look like this: Your helper.go would … Read more

[Solved] AppBundle symfony 4

in SF4, The main application component is named ‘App’ by default and is not a bundle. You have to manually create a dummy bundle under src\ directory in order to use old doctrine:command related to bundle. see how to manually create a bundle here After that, you can import/generate mappings/entities using doctrine:commands and use them … Read more

[Solved] Import calendar library in my android app

As explained in the project’s page, if you use Gradle for your project (which should be the case if your created it in Android Studio), then you need to add the following line in the dependencies section of your app/build.gradle: compile ‘com.github.alamkanak:android-week-view:1.2.6′ That’s it. solved Import calendar library in my android app

[Solved] Importing a module in the module [closed]

The first time a module is imported, an entry for it is made in sys.modules. sys.modules is a dict, mapping the module name to the module code. All subsequent imports of the same module find the module’s name in sys.modules, and simply retrieve the module’s code from the sys.modules dict. So the code in the … Read more

[Solved] what program should i use to code using the Python PyGame module [closed]

You can install pygame with following this; open cmd(console) and write this codes: pip install pygame Easiest way for this. For mac; sudo pip install pygame And yes you have to write this in terminal Or download from here http://www.pygame.org/download.shtml manually. But my little advice is, pygame is not so simple, first improve yourself in … Read more