[Solved] Relation to many and get without this

In SQL, this type of query needs what is known as an EXCEPTION JOIN. Some RDBMSs actually implement this as a separate type (such as DB2), while others need to use a workaround. In your case, it amounts to (in SQL): SELECT User.* FROM User LEFT JOIN UserHouse ON UserHouse.id_user = User.id WHERE UserHouse.id_user IS … Read more

[Solved] AppBundle symfony 4

in SF4, The main application component is named ‘App’ by default and is not a bundle. You have to manually create a dummy bundle under src\ directory in order to use old doctrine:command related to bundle. see how to manually create a bundle here After that, you can import/generate mappings/entities using doctrine:commands and use them … Read more

[Solved] Load Symfony (5.2) config from database

Couple of things going on here. First off, loading config from a database is very unusual in Symfony so it is not surprising that you are having difficulty. Secondly, your process code is never getting called. Part of debugging is making sure that code that you expect to be called is in fact being called. … Read more