[Solved] AES encryption on file over 1GB

You are reading the entire file at the start of the method: byte[] bytesToBeEncrypted = File.ReadAllBytes(file); This is causing the OutOfMemoryException. Here’s an idea of how you’d do this: static void EncryptFile(string file, string password) { byte[] passwordBytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(password); byte[] salt = new byte[] { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 }; … Read more

[Solved] How to replace several characters on a single string to desired characters (java)?

public class TranslateChar { /** @param args */ public static void main(final String[] args) { final Map<Character, Character> mapCharCod = new HashMap<>(36); final Map<Character, Character> mapCharDecod = new HashMap<>(36); mapCharCod.put(‘A’, ‘Z’); mapCharCod.put(‘B’, ‘X’); mapCharCod.put(‘C’, ‘Y’); mapCharDecod.put(‘Z’, ‘A’); mapCharDecod.put(‘X’, ‘B’); mapCharDecod.put(‘Y’, ‘C’); final String toCod = “CAB”; StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(“{“); for (final char c … Read more

[Solved] Reversible Hash in C#

The most space efficient way to store binary data is to store it as bytes. The only way you may get it even shorter is via compression. But for 92 Characters that will not amount to much. As for Base64: There are cases where we are forced to transmit binary data over a medium not … Read more

[Solved] Android AES decryption returning rare characters V2.0

Made it! After a long time of searching thanks to all you guys who answered this post i used the bouncy castle library and i’ve decrypt the desired String by doing the following: public static String decrypt(String valueToDecrypt) throws Exception { AESCrypt enc = new AESCrypt(); return new String(enc.decryptInternal(valueToDecrypt)).trim(); } private byte[] decryptInternal(String code) throws … Read more

[Solved] How to iterate over a dictionary and a list simultaneously? [closed]

You can use: maketrans–which allows creation of a translation table translate–applies translation table from maketrans to a string Code def encrypt(infile, outfile, translation): ”’ Encrypts by applying translation map to characters in file infile. ”’ # Create translation table table=””.maketrans(translation) # Apply table to all characters in input file # and write to new output … Read more

[Solved] What encryption type is this? [closed]

It seems the text is encrypted with the NULL encryption algorithm described in RFC 2410. If I run it through the accompanying decryption algorithm, it decrypts properly without error and gives the following plain text: OH0fRX0gOHZgOH0tOH4fRX8tOr0gOHZgOH0tOH4fOrZgOH0fRX8tOH4gOHZgOH0tOr4gRX8tOr4fRX0gOHZfOH4fRX4fOr0tOrZgOr4tObZgRX4fOr4tOrZeRX4fOrZfRX0fOH4tOH0gRX0fRX0fOrZeRX4gOH4tOr4gRX0gOr4tOH0fOrZfOH4fRX4tOr0fOH4gRX8tOr4fRX4fOHZgOr4fRX0gRX4fRX0tObZgRX4fOr4tOrZeRX4fOH4tOr0fOrZfOHZgOH4tObZgOr4fRX4tOr0fOrZgOH0tOr0gRX8tOHZgOH0tObZgOr0fRX4gOr4tOr0tOr4tOH0tObZgOr0gRX0gOHZfOr0tOr0fRX8tOr0gOrZgOH0tOr4tOH4tOHZfOr4tOr0fOH4gRX4gOr0fOrZfOH4gOr4tOr4gOrZfOH4fRX4gRX0gOrZgOH0fOr4tObZgOrZgOr0fRX4gOr4tOH4fOr4gRX0fOH4tOr0fRX4gOH0tOr4gOrZgOr4fOr0tOH0gOr4tOH0gOH0tOr4fOH0tOH0gOr4tOr0fOH4fRX4gOr0fOrZfOr0fRX4gOr4tOr0tOH0fRX4fOr0gRX4gOr0fOrZgOr4fOr0tOH4fOr4gRX0fOr4fOHZgOr4fOr0tOH4fOr4gRX4gOr0fOrZgRX4gOHZgOr4tOr4fRX0fOH0tOr4tOH4fOrZfOr4gOHZgOr4fRX4fOr0gRX4gOH0tOr0gOrZfOrZfOr4tOH4fOrZgOH4fRX0fOr4tOr4fOH0tOr4gRX0gOrZgOr0fRX4fOH0gRX0gOH0fRX0gOr0tOH4fRX0 The plain text does not make much sense to me, however. But that’s the fundamental problem with data: There … Read more

[Solved] How to convert a letter to an another letter in Java [duplicate]

You could use something like the following algorithm to accomplish this: // Our input string. String input = “I love fish”; // Contains the “encrypted” output string. StringBuilder encrypted = new StringBuilder(); // Process each character in the input string. for (char c : input.toCharArray()) { if (Character.toLowerCase(c) != ‘a’ && Character.isLetter(c)) { // If … Read more

[Solved] SSL use symmetric or asymmetric?

Sender starts the handshake with server. Client starts handshake with server. Server generates a pair of Public and Private key using asymmetric encryption and re-encrypt the Public key alone using symmetric encryption. No. And passes the Public key to the sender. No. It sends its certificate to the client and they then start a secret-key … Read more