[Solved] Add resource files in wix installer

Just reference the directory where you want your components eg. Directory=”LOCALEEN”. There is no need to specify <CreateFolder /> I also recomend to maintain some kind of naming convention. Your Components and Fils have the same id. See https://stackoverflow.com/a/1801464/4634044. So this should do what you expect: <Fragment> <ComponentGroup Id=”ProductComponents” Directory=”INSTALLFOLDER”> <Component Id=”C_EnglishLocale” Guid=”…” Directory=”LOCALEEN”> <File … Read more

[Solved] Positioning components in Ext JS [closed]

You should use a FieldContainer to group the criteria box and the + button together with an hbox: { xtype: ‘fieldcontainer’, fieldLabel: ‘Criteria 3’, layout: ‘hbox’, items: [ { xtype: ‘textfield’, id: ‘criteria_3_input’ }, { xtype: ‘button’, text: ‘+’, id: ‘add_criteria’ } ] } solved Positioning components in Ext JS [closed]

[Solved] Transfer data between angular components using @input and @output [duplicate]

you just need use property binding to pass the data to child component settings component template <app-user-profile [data]=”userSettings”></app-user-profile> userProfile.ts @Input() data:any; now the value from the userSettings will pass to the data property. 15 solved Transfer data between angular components using @input and @output [duplicate]

[Solved] how to show 3 or more form accoring to the aarays of json type in react Js for building daynamic form

this is the correct sytnax of your JSON Object. [ { “id”: 1, “type”: “group” }, { “id”: 2, “type”: “text”, “label”: “Name”, “group_id”: 1 }, { “id”: 3, “type”: “text”, “label”: “Address”, “group_id”: 1 }, { “id”: 4, “type”: “text”, “label”: “City”, “value”: “Lahore”, “group_id”: 1 }, { “id”: 5, “type”: “text”, “label”: “State”, … Read more