[Solved] Does internet speed afect browser JavaScript?

No, as I understand it, Java Script is run in your browser and your browser have engine to run java script. Only thing that connection speed can affect is request/response cycle; download of files sent from server…. (html, css, js files…) Hope this explanation helps? solved Does internet speed afect browser JavaScript?

[Solved] Capture Global Keystrokes in Browser

No, this is not possible and that’s a damn good thing. We don’t need random websites to act as keyloggers. Any browser plugin allowing a website to do that would actually be malware or at least open a gaping security hole and thus end up on the plugin blacklists of browser vendors really soon. solved … Read more

[Solved] I can’t find my PHP issue [closed]

This could be a browser problem. It could be a code problem. It could be a server problem. Have you tried using something like Firebug to watch what happens when you yourself take the test? Have you also tried using Firebug Lite – Firebug plugins available for other browsers, which include some-but-not-all Firebug functionality? In … Read more

[Solved] Why does the e.preventDefault function in javascript not work for the checkbox? [closed]

You have an spelling-error in your code: querySelecotr should be querySelector. You can also use getElementById to get an element by its id-property. Both versions work in the browsers i tested (Firefox, Chrome, Safari). If you use preventDefault(), the checked-state will be restored after the event-handler is completed. So any change inside that event-handler will … Read more

[Solved] Access WebMail(i.e:”Mail.com”) Emails Over Basic HTML Version WebSite From Basic/TB WebBrowser [closed]

Most of the WebMail service providers with free-service support basic/mobile web-browser and ofcourse supports general/full web-browser. These type of service provider’s web-mail-servers can detect user’s (client-side) web-browser software, by detecting the User-Agent string & can switch & transfer to that mode of specific web-pages. TB = THUNDERBIRD . TB is an EMAIL CLIENT type of … Read more

[Solved] Can javascript click a div?

using jquery . use $(window).load(); function which attach all event after body load all content in web page . see below code : here you can read document of load(); working example on fiddle <div id=”yourDivId”></div> $(window).load(function () { $(document).on(‘click’,”#yourDivId”,function () { // Some code here }); }); 0 solved Can javascript click a div?

[Solved] Execute two buttons with single click

You should add an event that will call the code once the document has completed loading. private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { webBrowser1.DocumentCompleted += webBrowser1_DocumentCompleted; } void webBrowser1_DocumentCompleted(object sender, WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventArgs e) { button2_Click(sender, e); } 2 solved Execute two buttons with single click