[Solved] Searching through database with python

Try import MySQLdb db = MySQLdb.connect(host=”localhost”, user=”user”, passwd=”password”, db=”database”) cur = db.cursor() cur.execute(“SELECT common_name , genus , species FROM table WHERE sequence LIKE ‘MDPSSID%'”) 1 solved Searching through database with python

[Solved] How could I write the following functions in Matlab for MS protein analysis?

To get started with, FASTA is text file format. To write text files check MATLAB documentation of fopen, fprintf and fclose. To load the text from the data files you’ve written you can use fopen, fscanf and fclose. Actually, MATLAB has fastainfo, fastaread and fastawrite too. You should check MATLAB documentation of these commands and … Read more

[Solved] html/css, changing each letter of text? [closed]

create the spans with javascript and style the spans with css: http://codepen.io/bhlaird/pen/Jdiye Javascript $(‘document’).ready(function() { $(‘.protein’).each(function() { var target = $(this).html(); target = target.split(“”); var result = “”; for (var i = 0, len = target.length; i < len; i++) { result += ‘<span class=”‘ + target[i] + ‘”>’ + target[i] + ‘</span>’; } $(this).html(result); … Read more

[Solved] Extract and paste together multiple columns of a data frame like object using a vector of column names

We may use either of the following: do.call(function (…) paste(…, sep = “-“), rld[groups]) do.call(paste, c(rld[groups], sep = “-“)) We can consider a small, reproducible example: rld <- mtcars[1:5, ] groups <- names(mtcars)[c(1,3,5,6,8)] do.call(paste, c(rld[groups], sep = “-“)) #[1] “21-160-3.9-2.62-0” “21-160-3.9-2.875-0” “22.8-108-3.85-2.32-1” #[4] “21.4-258-3.08-3.215-1” “18.7-360-3.15-3.44-0” Note, it is your responsibility to ensure all(groups %in% names(rld)) … Read more

[Solved] How to represent DNA sequences for neural networks?

Why not learn the numerical representations for each base? This is a common problem in Neural Machine Translation, where we seek to encode “words” with a meaning as (naively) numbers. The core idea is that different words should not be represented with simple numbers, but with a learned dense vector. The process of finding this … Read more