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[Solved] Searching through database with python

Try import MySQLdb db = MySQLdb.connect(host=”localhost”, user=”user”, passwd=”password”, db=”database”) cur = db.cursor() cur.execute(“SELECT common_name , genus , species FROM table WHERE sequence LIKE ‘MDPSSID%'”) 1 solved Searching through database with python

[Solved] R: How can I change a matrix array? [closed]

Many options here. Unfortunately you don’t show any effort to resolve the problem or even to make it clear and reproducible. For example, using ifelse : dat <- read.table(text=””aaa” 28 “aac” 8 “aag” 20″) dat$V1 <- with(dat,ifelse(V1 %in% c(‘aaa’,’aag’),’K’,’N’)) dat…

[Solved] html/css, changing each letter of text? [closed]

create the spans with javascript and style the spans with css: Javascript $(‘document’).ready(function() { $(‘.protein’).each(function() { var target = $(this).html(); target = target.split(“”); var result = “”; for (var i = 0, len = target.length; i < len; i++)…