[Solved] Issue validating user credentials in custom authentication form [closed]

I can only hazard a guess at what you are asking, but if you want the username and password to both be correct before showing the form use this instead if (tbUsername.Text == “username”) { if(tbPassword.Text == “password”) { AdminMainMenu x = new AdminMainMenu(); x.Show(); t.Play(); this.Dispose(); } else { MessageBox.Show(“Wrong password”, “Error”); } } … Read more

[Solved] How to make login with userid or mobile number using php mysql [closed]

Change this; $query=mysql_query(“select * from users where userId=’$uname’ and pwd =’$pwd’ “); to: $query=mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM users WHERE pwd =’$pwd’ AND (userId = ‘$uname’ OR PhoneNum = ‘$uname’)”); What this does it will take both $uname value and search both Userid column and Phone Num column for a match. Please note that PhoneNum is the … Read more

[Solved] Database login failed [closed]

You are using integrated security, which means that the user who is running your program needs to have the relevant access permissions on the database. If you are running the program interactively (e.g., it is not a service), then YOU need the access permissions, that is, the account that you used to log into Windows … Read more

[Solved] Porting MD5 from node.js to go [closed]

If you only need the standard md5 algorithm, here’s how to use it in go, as noted in the documentation: import ( “fmt” “crypto/md5” “io” ) func main() { h := md5.New() io.WriteString(h, “The fog is getting thicker!”) io.WriteString(h, “And Leon’s getting laaarger!”) fmt.Printf(“%x”, h.Sum(nil)) } If you need an md5 function that returns a … Read more

[Solved] please tell me why this query not working

The error arises from a simple typo. You have spaces added to the value passed for the Sid condition. However your query should be rewritten in this way string cmdText = “select Count(*) from [user] where [email protected] and [email protected]”; SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(cmdText, cnn) cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@sid”, textBox1.Text); cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@pwd”, textBox2.Text); int count = Convert.ToInt32(cmd.ExecuteScalar()); if (count … Read more

[Solved] Mysql java taking registration [closed]

Follow the steps: 1. Download Mysql and Install+ dwnload mysql-connector jar file. 2. in the mysql(u can connect using mysql command line client) provide ur pwd and get ready. Put below code: 3. create database TEST 4. use TEST. 5. CREATE TABLE USER_DTLS (USERNAME VARCHAR2(100), PASS VARCHAR2(100)); creating tables 6. INSERT INTO USER_DTLS(‘user1’, ‘user1234’);INSERT INTO … Read more

[Solved] I am trying to make a login screen with javascript but it does not load when open the page

There is so much wrong with your code, this should work though. What you got wrong is: You cannot set variables using the – operator You cannot compare in an if-statement using single = You cannot name variables with numbers. var unc = false; // username correct var pwc = false; // password correct while … Read more