[Solved] new to MVC in dotnet [closed]

First know what is MVC and gain some knowledge for MVC 1,2,3,4 Look at Creating NerdDinner.com with Microsoft ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC) MVC Overview ASP.NET MVC Video’s Second, Google around to find some good books (you’ll find brilliant Video Tutorials esp. from Pluralsight-training.net Start Coding with sample Simple Hello World Example ASP-NET-MVC-Quick-Start-Tutorial Intro to … Read more

[Solved] In ASP.NET MVC2, convert time user’s timezone. How to get timezone info? [closed]

You’re passing values that aren’t even of the right data type. Read up on TimeZoneInfo so you know how to use it properly. Also read: Why you shouldn’t use DateTime.Now The timezone tag wiki DST and Time Zone Best Practices Also understand that somewhere here you actually have to know the user’s time zone. Just … Read more