[Solved] Mvc 5 pagination using view model

So, from what I understand you want just make it work only on client side. If your model is not empty this code should work. If you want to load data as one result and make pagination on client side, then IPageList is not what you are looking for. Because, it is used only on the server side, and always returns ONE page of data to brake large results. You also can try to pass list of data to the view and turn it to IPageList result in the view and display each
page in tab, but is not a good practice. I would use datatables in this situation to make pagination only on the client side using regular data list:
Hint to improve current code:

    public ViewResult Index(int? page = 1)
      AgentBusiness business = new AgentBusiness();
      var result = business.Topuprequestlog("99910011010", "99810001110", "jBurFDoD1UpNPzWd/BlK4hVpV8GF+0eQT+AfNxEHHDKMB25AHf6CVA==", "25052017000000", "01062017000000");                 
      return View(result.wallettopuprequest.ToPagedList(pageNumber, 3)); 


@Html.PagedListPager(Model, page => Url.Action("Index", new { page }), PagedListRenderOptions.ClassicPlusFirstAndLast)

solved Mvc 5 pagination using view model