[Solved] Unit Testing (e.g.Specflow) vs Selenium [closed]

This would deeply depend on the whole development lifecycle approach.

In an ideal world, developers write unit tests. But someone else needs to test their work (2nd pair of eyes). So a tester would also write tests (whether automated or manual test scripts).

Cucumber & TestNG basically work like Unit Tests do, Cucumber specifically is normally invoked by junit. So the danger you have, is that a developer and a tester may both cover the exact same code. But that in itself is the ideal situation from a developement lifecycle point of view. From a business point of view, it’s not.

The cross over from Unit Test to “junit invoked Cucumber running a Selenium test” is a grey area. Personally, if you were to stick to a Selenium WebDriver I think you’d be OK, because you’d be testing from an end user perspective. Whereas if you use Selenium WebClient, then you’re running the risk of missing bugs that a user may see.


solved Unit Testing (e.g.Specflow) vs Selenium [closed]