[Solved] Is HTML.Partial case sensitive? [closed]

No Html.partial() is not case sensitive. I tested it. For example : Let say Your partial view name is “_HeaDing.cshtml” and its place in the same folder. Then you call the partial view in different cases like below: 1. @Html.Partial(“_heading”)-All characters are in smaller case 2. @Html.Partial(“_HEADING”)- All characters are in Upper case In all … Read more

[Solved] Razor parser isn’t parsing?

Introduction Razor is a powerful templating engine used to create dynamic webpages. It is used to create HTML pages with C# or VB.NET code embedded in them. However, sometimes Razor can fail to parse the code, resulting in an error. This article will discuss the common causes of this issue and how to solve it. … Read more

[Solved] Razor parser isn’t parsing?

The editor syntax parser conflict. @ViewBag.IsTrue is not a correct variable in javascript. But execution is actually correct. If you mind,may be using the code like following: <script> function check() { var Not = false; //Doing something… if (Not) { window[“@ViewBag.IsTrue”] = false; } else{ window[“@ViewBag.IsTrue”] = true; } </script> to make it working well. … Read more

[Solved] For each loop with submitting form

The error message is self explanatory. You have this in your view @model hotel.Models.RoomModel but you pass an instance of System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.DbQuery<Hotel.BusinessObject.Room> to your view because of this line of code in your controller return View(roomService.GetRoomsByCategory(CategoryId, SelectedDate, NumberNights, NumberPeoples)); You need to pass an instance of RoomModel instead of System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.DbQuery<Hotel.BusinessObject.Room>. I would suggest changing your controller … Read more

[Solved] jQuery Find Closest Input

Closest will search for the parent elements. Here the input is not the parent element of the image. Its a sibling only. You can use siblings() selector for this purpose. var input = $(image).siblings(“input”); Or you can use, var input = $(image).closest(“.col-md-2”).find(“input”); Get the parent div(since the image and input are under same parent) Then … Read more

[Solved] Why is .2 not a valid number for jquery.validate.js? [closed]

jsFiddle Demo You could always implement a small observer to fix the case where a number input starts with . like this: $(‘body’).on(‘blur’,’input[data-val-number]’,function(){ if( this.value[0] == “.” ){ this.value = “0” + this.value; $(this).valid(); } }); 2 solved Why is .2 not a valid number for jquery.validate.js? [closed]

[Solved] how to pass viewbag data from view to another component template that I call in this view

If I understood correctly you can do this by using the same controller for your second view, like writing ng-controller=”SameController” or creating an angular service or factory and sharing your data between two different controllers that each one serves a specific template/view. 6 solved how to pass viewbag data from view to another component template … Read more