[Solved] What join should I use with MySQL? [closed]

There are a few small mistakes in your query. In the ‘From’ section you only need to use the first table, and you’ll need to tell the join which field from the first table matches which field in the second table. In the where you’ll only have to match one field to $savingsId This query … Read more

(Solved) UTF-8 all the way through

Data Storage: Specify the utf8mb4 character set on all tables and text columns in your database. This makes MySQL physically store and retrieve values encoded natively in UTF-8. Note that MySQL will implicitly use utf8mb4 encoding if a utf8mb4_* collation is specified (without any explicit character set). In older versions of MySQL (< 5.5.3), you’ll … Read more

(Solved) Why shouldn’t I use mysql_* functions in PHP?

The MySQL extension: Is not under active development Is officially deprecated as of PHP 5.5 (released June 2013). Has been removed entirely as of PHP 7.0 (released December 2015) This means that as of 31 Dec 2018 it does not exist in any supported version of PHP. If you are using a version of PHP … Read more

(Solved) Why shouldn’t I use mysql_* functions in PHP?

Introduction Solution The mysql_* functions in PHP are deprecated and no longer supported. They are also vulnerable to SQL injection attacks, which can be used to gain access to sensitive data. Additionally, the mysql_* functions are not compatible with the newer versions of PHP, so using them can lead to compatibility issues. For these reasons, … Read more