[Solved] How can you use structures in modular programming?

Well, this is a problem: fillwordnr(f,p[].ptrletter,p[].numbers,lines,nrofline,a,c,string[]); You have to specify which element of p you want to work with – p[0], p[1], p[i], etc. Assuming nrofline is a valid index for p, you would write fillwordnr( f, p[nrofline].ptrletter, p[nrofline].numbers, lines, nrofline, a, c, string ); Honestly, based on the code you’ve posted, it’s not clear … Read more

[Solved] Indentation on python [closed]

From what I can see, sales is a local variable in the main(), and you are trying to access it in DetermineCommRate, and you have syntax errors in the definition of that function def DetermineCommRate(sales): Currently, you are passing sales to it, but not accepting it. Also, your following line should be indented to run … Read more