[Solved] How to multiply two matrices having fractions as inputs in c [closed]

I wanted to use my own implementation of the Strassen optimization for matrix multiplication. It is highly optimized and hence has almost no pedagogical use but then I remembered that Wikipedia has actual C code in the Strassen-matrix-multiplication entry. The implementation there is not the best: it has no fallback to the naive algorithm if … Read more

[Solved] How to read two matrices from a txt file in java

You have to: read first line split it to get dimensions read next lines (regards dimensions) read special char (@) repeat Reading first array you have there: static void readFile() throws IOException { BufferedReader reader; reader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(“file.txt”)); String firstDimension = reader.readLine(); String[] split = firstDimension.split(” “); int firstX = Integer.parseInt(split[0]); int firstY … Read more

[Solved] Do the projection (with Jacobian) and marginalisation (inversion of matrix and remove a row/column and reinversion) commute?

To do np.dot last dimension of first matrix must be the same as first dimension of second one. They are not, so you are getting ValueError, that shapes are not aligned. Everything seems to be fine as you printed, but then you forgot about lines: j_temp = np.copy(J_2_SYM) # Add row/col into J_2_SYM j_temp = … Read more