[Solved] How many times a word is present in a web page using htmlagility C#

You could treat the whole page/web request as a string and do something like this: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb546166.aspx It might not be efficient and it would search CSS classes and everything else but it might be a starting point. Else you need to use the agility pack and scrape through each not and check each bit of … Read more

[Solved] WebRequest not returning HTML

You need CookieCollection to get cookies and set UseCookie to true in HtmlWeb. CookieCollection cookieCollection = null; var web = new HtmlWeb { //AutoDetectEncoding = true, UseCookies = true, CacheOnly = false, PreRequest = request => { if (cookieCollection != null && cookieCollection.Count > 0) request.CookieContainer.Add(cookieCollection); return true; }, PostResponse = (request, response) => { … Read more