[Solved] Program fails to open file

In string literals, the “\” slash is the escape character. In order for your string literal to work properly you need to escape each “\” with the “\”. In other words, replace each “\” with two slashes like so: inFile.open(“C:\\Users\\Muhammad Shaeel\\Desktop\\CC\\Lexical Analyser Code\\Lexical Analyser Code\\program.txt”); solved Program fails to open file

[Solved] How to save a blob (AJAX response) into a named file (JSON type) into my server NOT in user computer [closed]

You don’t need to get data from external API in client side and post them again to your server. PHP can send get request and receive response without jQuery. You can write php script to get product price list from external API like the following: $url = “https://www.notimportant/etc/”; $header = [‘GUID’ => ‘something’] echo “Sending … Read more

[Solved] Java File Handling DisplayOnConsole

c. System.out.println(“Account 1 id 111111 name: john smith balance: 500 $”); System.out.println(“Account 2 id 222222 name: mark smith balance: 1500 $”); System.out.println(“Account 3 id 333333 name: steve jones balance: 2000 $”); System.out.println(“Account 4 id 444444 name: mary jones balance: 1000 $”); If you have the variables data, you can replace each id, name and balance … Read more

[Solved] How do I make each line from a file list into separate variables?

first, read the file into a string line by line; then convert the string to a variable. In python, you can do the following i = 0 with open(“file.txt”, “r”) as ins: v = “var”+str(i) for line in ins: exec(v+”=’str(line)'”) i+=1 another approach is to read the lines into a list: with open(“file_name.txt”, “r”) as … Read more

[Solved] read dates line by line from text file and store them in a dictionary java [duplicate]

You can try the following function. public static void parseFile() throws IOException, ParseException { BufferedReader bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(new File(“inputFileName.txt”))); Map<Integer, Date> integerDateMap = new HashMap<>(); // Map to put data SimpleDateFormat sdfmt2= new SimpleDateFormat(“dd/MM/yyyy”); // date format String line = null; line = bufferedReader.readLine(); // neglect first line while((line = bufferedReader.readLine())!= null){ String[] … Read more