[Solved] How to get records from database and show in html format?

First your html Markup up is invalid you can’t close head tag after body this is how an html markup looks like : <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>This is a title </title> META TAGs </head> <body BODY CONTENT </body> </html> Now this is how your code should look : <?php ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1); error_reporting(1); ini_set(‘error_reporting’, E_ALL); … Read more

[Solved] Whats the difference between these two SQL queries?

SUM() is a group function – so that essentially says go get me all the price and quantities by item, and add them all up to return them in one row. MySQL is quite forgiving when grouping things and will try to retrieve a rowset (which is why your second example returns something – albeit … Read more

[Solved] SQL Selecting from three tables

Q1) Display the employee_name, Project_IDs and staff cost for all employees Should be like this: SELECT e.Emp_name, pa.PROJECT_ID, pa.STAFF_COST FROM Emlpoyee e JOIN Pallocation pa ON e.Emp_id = pa.Emp_id 4 solved SQL Selecting from three tables

[Solved] Adding a variable to current value of field in MySQL [closed]

Your solution is going to be a combination of an update and modifying the result using string literals and variables in MySQL. UPDATE <table_name> SET col_name1={expr1|DEFAULT} [, col_name2={expr2|DEFAULT}] … [WHERE where_condition] You are going to need to figure out how to “set” your column to the current value + a string literal. Your question does … Read more

[Solved] Join 3rd Table in MYSQL [closed]

SELECT coll.title AS CollectionTitle, cont.CollectionID, cont.title AS ContainerTitle, cont.ID as ContainerID, cont.LevelContainerID, cont.ContentID, user.Title, user.Value, user.EADElementID FROM tblCollections_Content cont JOIN tblCollections_Collections coll ON cont.collectionid = coll.id JOIN tblCollections_UserFields user ON cont.ContentId = user.ContentId WHERE cont.title is NOT NULL ORDER BY CollectionID, ContainerID I have to assume you have a ContentID column in your tblCollections_Content to … Read more

[Solved] SQL query required [duplicate]

I got an answer and that seems the best way for me. It is having a sub query,but i don’t see a way to avoid that. select t2.state,t1.name,t2.powerconsumption FROM table1 t1 JOIN table2 t2 ON t1.companyid =t2.companyid where t2.powerconsumption =(select MAX(t3.powerconsumption) from table2 t3 where t3.state=t2.state and t3.month=”jan”) SQL Fiddle solved SQL query required [duplicate]