[Solved] iOS – how to move between view controllers without a button press

performSegue:withIdentifier: should work unless you have not setup the the storyboard correctly. What error do you get on doing performSegue:withIdentifier: ? Did you setup a segue in storyboard connecting the two view controllers and does that segue have an identifier called secondViewcontroller? Take a look at this Storyboard tutorial. 2 solved iOS – how to … Read more

[Solved] Swift 4 Change Physics Gravity

CGVectorMake has been deprecated. Use the following syntax to initialise a CGVector: self.physicsWorld.gravity = CGVector(dx: 0, dy: 0) Or, since you want a vector with both components 0: self.physicsWorld.gravity = CGVector.zero solved Swift 4 Change Physics Gravity

[Solved] iPhone – Sprite Not Showing Up Because Background is Hiding It

As sangony said, this can be done through the node’s zPosition property. For example, if the background node is called ‘bgNode’ and the sprite is ‘spriteNode’ bgNode.zPosition = 0; spriteNode.zPosition = 1; This will render the spriteNode over top of the bgNode. This is assuming they share the same parent node. 0 solved iPhone – … Read more

[Solved] Have a collision only detected once

Yep – this happens. The way to handle it (you can’t get sprite-kit to NOT call didBegin multiple times in some circumstances) is to make sure that your contact code accommodates this and that handling the contract multiple times does not cause a problem (such as adding to the score multiple times, removing multiple lives, … Read more

[Solved] How do I add and animate infinite number of objects coming from the bottom of the screen in random order in gradually increasing speeds?

I would not recommend using [NSThread sleepForTimeInterval:2]; Instead trying using [self performSelector:@selector(addBall) withObject:nil afterDelay:2]; -(void)addBall { self.addedBall++; if (self.addedBall > 500) { return; } randomNumber = arc4random_uniform(3); if (randomNumber == 0) { [self addRedBall]; SKAction *moveBall = [SKAction moveToY:CGRectGetMaxY(self.frame) duration:5]; dispatch_queue_t actionDispatchRed; actionDispatchRed = dispatch_queue_create(“com.redball.dispatch”, NULL); dispatch_async(actionDispatchRed, ^ { [redBall runAction:moveBall]; }); [self performSelector:@selector(addBall) withObject:nil … Read more