[Solved] Calucating the total number of cells in a row that are less than 16 hours [closed]

Assuming that column A of sheet1 are date/times, and not text, and you are attempting to find how many date/times are more than 16 hours old then you simply want to place the following formula in sheet2!F7: =COUNTIF(sheet1!A:A,”<“&NOW()-0.75) (16 hours is 0.75 of a day.) If the data in column A is text, then it … Read more

[Solved] Macro to find header in excel

This is for your example i have grouped the 2 file data in single sheet. please see the below snap. I have created a small UDF to get your required output. Paste the below UDF in Module and you can directly call this from the cell itself. Public Function searchstring(a As Range, b As Range) … Read more

[Solved] VBA: For Loop to find maximum value in a column

To get the corresponding value in Column C where column A is max: dim t as long dim rslt as string With Worksheets(“RESOURCE”) ‘ Change to your sheet t = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(Application.WorksheetFunction.Max(.Range(“AX6:AX29”)),.Range(“AX6:AX29”),0) rslt = .Range(“A6:A29”)(t) Debug.Print rslt End With But this can be done with the following formula on the sheet: =INDEX(RESOURCE!A6:A29,MATCH(MAX(RESOURCE!AX6:AX29),RESOURCE!AX6:AX29,0)) 2 solved VBA: For … Read more

[Solved] vba code to search google using cell content as search criteria [closed]

There’s no need for VBA if all you want to do is open a Google search page one at a time. With your search phrase in A1, use this formula, for example: =HYPERLINK(“http://www.google.com/search?q=” & A1,A1) and fill down as far as required. That will put a clickable link in column B, corresponding to the search … Read more