[Solved] how to download all MS access attachments using R [closed]

Attachments in MS Access are special data types that actually involve nested tables for metadata (filename and filedata) information. Hence, you cannot access this data with DML SQL statements alone via RODBC but can using a COM interface, specifically connecting to the DAO SaveToFile() method. Consider the following using the RDCOMClient package which allows interfacing … Read more

[Solved] Measuring query processing time in Microsoft Access

Here’s another alternative (old VB6/VBA – not VB.Net syntax). KEY SUGGESTION: the “_” characters are “continuation lines”. I honestly don’t think you want them in most of the places you’re using them. IMHO… Option Explicit Private Declare Function timeGetTime Lib “winmm.dll” () As Long Private startTime, endTime As Long Private Function elapsedTime(t1, t2 As Long) … Read more