[Solved] Sql Query Between Different Databases like Oracle and SQL Server in C# [closed]

You will need to install the Oracle Client first. Google “Oracle Database Client windows” to find the download from Oracle’s site. 1) Install the 64-bit package first. (VERY important as there is a bug that messes things up if you install the x86 package first) 2) Change the install path to “C:\oracle\x64” 3) Once installed … Read more

[Solved] Get Substrings From DB2 Column

If this is for a specific row, maybe use SUBSTR? Something like SELECT SUBSTR(column, 6, 5) AS col1 , SUBSTR(column, 13, 5) AS col2 FROM table Here is something else you can do.. Although it gets pretty complicated, and this isn’t the exact answer you are looking for but it will get you started. Hope … Read more