[Solved] Counting percentage of element occurence from an attribute in a class. Python

With for element in range(len(atm_transaction_list)):, you are iterating over integers in a range. This is generally used when you want to work with indices. However, you’re not doing that. Simply iterate over the transaction list itself, with for transaction in atm_transaction_list:. Each transaction will then be a Transaction object. I would also recommend storing your … Read more

[Solved] I have a list of file names and I need to be able to count how many of the same file gets repeated for each file name [closed]

If you already have a list of filenames use collections.Counter: from collections import Counter files = [“foo.txt”,”foo.txt”,”foobar.c”] c = Counter(files) print (c) Counter({‘foo.txt’: 2, ‘foobar.c’: 1}) The keys will be your files and the values will be how many times the file appears in your list: solved I have a list of file names and … Read more

[Solved] ms sql query on count occurence of words in text column

You could create a table-valued function to parse words and join it to your query against qQuestion. In your schema, I recommend using varchar(8000) or varchar(max) instead of text. Meanwhile, the following should get you started: create function [dbo].[fnParseWords](@str varchar(max), @delimiter varchar(30)=’%[^a-zA-Z0-9\_]%’) returns @result table(word varchar(max)) begin if left(@delimiter,1)<>’%’ set @delimiter=”%”+@delimiter; if right(@delimiter,1)<>’%’ set @delimiter+=’%’; … Read more

[Solved] Insert html after certain amount of posts?

You could use the following and it should do exactly what you want by checking the value of $loop->current_post. <?php $loop = new WP_Query( array( ‘post_type’ => ‘work’,’posts_per_page’ => ‘-1’ ) ); ?> <ul id=”carousel”> <li> <ul class=”inner-items”> <?php while ( $loop->have_posts() ) : $loop->the_post(); ?> <?php if( $loop->current_post && !($loop->current_post % 6) ) : … Read more