[Solved] Using gridview to display string data vertically in a row

Assuming I understand your need, you could try something like the following: /* Create a mock-up table with sample data */ DECLARE @Data TABLE ( InstrumentID INT, InstrumentType VARCHAR(50), InstrumentNumber INT, NANumber INT, DateTimeFiled DATETIME, [Name] VARCHAR(255) ); INSERT INTO @Data ( InstrumentID, InstrumentType, InstrumentNumber, NANumber, DateTimeFiled, [Name] ) VALUES ( 1625168, ‘ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE’, 1, … Read more

[Solved] Dynamic FieldName for GridViewDataTextColumn ()

No, in general. The GridViewDataTextColumn is a hierarchycal (non Data-Bound) element and it is not contained into a Data-Bound container. According to the exception’s message, I believe this is a common situation for such an ASP.NET controls: DataBinding expressions are only supported on objects that have a DataBinding event. I believe it is possible to … Read more