[Solved] Using substring in line C# [closed]

It means that the values you are passing to Substring are not valid for the string they are being called on. For example:

string s = "hello";

string x = s.Substring(0, 1); // <-- This is fine (returns "h")
string y = s.Substring(1, 3); // <-- Also fine (returns "ell")
string z = s.Substring(5, 3); // <-- Throws an exception because 5 is passed
                              //     the end of 's' (which only has 5 characters)

As an aside, I see this a lot:

item.Split(new char[]{' '})

I think people are confused by the signature of the Split method. The following is sufficient:

item.Split(' ')

solved Using substring in line C# [closed]