[Solved] PlayerDB API Post Requests bring 404

If you are getting error messages from the API like this:

{"message": "", "code": "api.404", "data": {}, "success": false, "error": false}

try requesting each UUID seperately and once you have gotten a good response, try running it with your program. It seems that the API caches UUIDs that have been asked for the first time, but if you ask again too quickly it will return the error above.

Occasionally I still run into the error above, but a re-request sorts it out. You can make a while loop to keep requesting until you recieve a good response. Here is the while loop I made:

goodResponse = False

        while goodResponse == False: 
            response = requests.post(baseurl+UUID)
            print("url posted:",baseurl+UUID)
            responseObject = response.json()

            if "player" in responseObject['data']: #checks if UUID has recieved a good response, otherwise loops until it does.
                goodResponse = True #continue code here


solved PlayerDB API Post Requests bring 404