[Solved] Convert Matrix to Vector [closed]

Your problem is a very specific one. I don’t see how this will be of any use to anybody but yourself.
There is no ‘one line solution’.
There are many ways to approach indexing problems, I like to use scalar indexing when possible:

Ncolumns = size(Matrix,1);
Nblocks = floor(Ncolumns/4);                                  %number of 4-line blocks (excluding the last block if it is not a full 4-lines)
IndexVector = (1:3)'*ones(1,3) + ones(3,1)*(0:2) * Ncolumns; %this gives 3 lines as specified.
IndexVector = [IndexVector(:); 4];                           %this adds the first element of 4th line, as spec.
IndexVector = IndexVector*ones(1,Nblocks)+ones(10,1)*(0:Nblocks-1)*4; %this repeats the above for rest of blocks.
IndexVector = IndexVector(:)';                               %make row vector


if mod(Ncolumns,4)                               %this deals with the last partial block
   vector=[vector subMat(:)']; 

solved Convert Matrix to Vector [closed]