[Solved] What’s the difference between analyzing a table and rebuilding the index in oracle SQL?

A few things to discuss here 1) ANALYZE TABLE COMPUTE STATISTICS; Don’t use this command. It is obsolete. It is designed to collect information on the table to allow queries against it to be run in the best fashion. Use DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS instead. And that’s just an obvious lead in to that you should have a … Read more

[Solved] Need to create column and add values (Date) to a that column SQL

If you need to update an existing table, check out this guide: http://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_update.asp Edit: To update a table in SQL you would use a query that looks like this: UPDATE table_name SET column1=value1,column2=value2,… WHERE some_column=some_value; –This line is not necessary. –You can add this if you wish to only update certain rows –e.g WHERE Date … Read more

[Solved] I want to search for a product by its name and display the name and selling price in a JTextField in java [closed]

When you use a PreparedStatement you need to replace each “?” with a valid value before doing the actual query. So the basics of the code would be: String sql = “Select * from SomeTable where SomeColumn = ?”; PreparedStatement stmt = connection.prepareStatement(sql); stmt.setString(1, someColumnVariable); ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(); solved I want to search for … Read more

[Solved] Most efficient way to get custom database records from 20 buttons and 20 tables?

I suppose the easiest way would be to have the action or other parameters in the button itself, i.e. <div class=”mybutton” data-action=”get_quote” data-type=”literary”>Get a literary quote</div> <div class=”mybutton” data-action=”get_quote” data-type=”political”>Get a political quote</div> data-foo=”bar” attributes can easily be accessed in jQuery with .data(“foo”), so you could change the jQuery around a bit to listen to … Read more

[Solved] Data retrieving from a database to a table by clicking a button [duplicate]

it also should display in the jTable without clearing existing data (as a new row) Well then you can’t use the setModel(…) method since that will replace all the existing data with the new data. And you can’t use the DbUtils.resultSetToTableModel(…) method since that will return new TableModel. Instead you will need to read the … Read more

[Solved] Convert an unknown database file from a windows software into a MySqli Database

The linked file seems to be a renamed Firebird database with structure version ODS 11.2 which corresponds to Firebird 2.5.x line. For making a quick peep into the database you can use IBSurgeon First Aid — http://ib-aid.com IB Expert (the Database Explorer feature) — http://ibexpert.net Free mode of FirstAID would let you peep into the … Read more

[Solved] Inserting data into mySQL table from mutlidimensional input form

What I’m assuming is.. SomePage.php <input type=”text” name=”quantity[]”> <input type=”text” name=”description[]”> <input type=”text” name=”article[]”> <input type=”text” name=”price[]”> <input type=”text” name=”tax[]”> <input type=”text” name=”discount[]”> Submit_Some_Page.php <? extract($_POST); $TotalArticle=sizeof($article); for($i=0;$i<$TotalArticle;$i++) { $Article=$article[$i]; $Quanity=$quantity[$i]; $Price=$price[$i]; $Tax=$tax[$i]; $Discount=$discount[$i]; $Description=$description[$i]; <– Now, Write Insert Query Here.. $Query=”INSERT INTO TableName SET Col1Name=$Article,Col2Name=$Quanity,Col3Name=$Price,Col4Name=$Tax,Col5Name=$Discount,Col6Name=$Description”; ….. Write Mysql Query To Execute It } ?> … Read more