[Solved] VBScipt throws exception 80010105 [closed]

As a general rule, you can export the reports. However, what will break down is if the report has a printer set, and you don’t have that printer driver installed on your computer. In that case, you get an error message about the missing printer, and be given a prompt to change the printer to your default.

Because of the above, then I recommend that all reports are defaulted to “default” printer. This simply means that any and all reports MUST NOT have a printer specified. You then would have to add some code to the project to “set” the printer. So perhaps a simple table with report and a column for the printer name to use could/would work.

So reports should import fine if they been exported to git-hub or any other source code control system. However, this process breaks down if the report has a specific printer set and your computer attempting to “build” the access application from that source code deposit.

So to get this working you need to remove any printer setting from a report (it has to be “none” so then on import (or going into design mode), such a report can be imported and used on your given development computer. So you need to ensure that “prompt” about a missing printer never occurs during this process.


solved VBScipt throws exception 80010105 [closed]