[Solved] using char for dynamic allocation

Is there any specific reason not use std::string ?
A solution, using std::string would be:


using namespace std;

void setKey(string& keyPress);

int main()
    string keyPress;
    //rest here

void setKey(string& keyPress)
    cout << "Enter the day using the number keypad:   "<< endl << endl;
    cin >> keyPress;
    cout << endl << endl;

    if (keyPress == "666329")
        cout << "Monday" << endl << endl;
    else if (keyPress == "8837329")
        cout << "Tuesday" << endl << endl;

If you still want to use c-style strings, you need to compare them with the following function:

Moreover, you have a memory leak in your code. You are using new without delete.

solved using char for dynamic allocation