[Solved] Loop data from query

Your json_decode() has a second parameter which determine the return type. By default, it will parse the JSON string into stdObject, while you access it using indexes which is wrong

$server = Json_Decode(File_Get_Contents("http://query.fakaheda.eu/"));
foreach($server->players_list as $player) { 
    echo '<span class="ipsGrid_span4">'.$player->name.'</span>'; 
    echo '<span class="ipsGrid_span4">'.$player->score.'</span>'; 
    echo '<span class="ipsGrid_span4">'.$player->time.'</span>'; 

To parse json string into array, use json_encode($jsonString, true)

$server = Json_Decode(File_Get_Contents("http://query.fakaheda.eu/"), true);
foreach($server['players_list'] as $player) { 
    echo '<span class="ipsGrid_span4">'.$player['name'].'</span>'; 
    echo '<span class="ipsGrid_span4">'.$player['score'].'</span>'; 
    echo '<span class="ipsGrid_span4">'.$player['time'].'</span>'; 

solved Loop data from query