[Solved] How to get rid of “\n” and ” ‘ ‘ ” in my json file

The fundamental issue is that you’re creating multiple JSON strings (json_data = (json.dumps(response, indent=2))) and then adding them to an array (json_arr.append(json_data)), and then converting that array to JSON (json.dump(json_arr,outline)). So the result is a JSON array of strings (containing JSON).

You don’t want to create a string before adding to the array, just include response in json_arr. Then it all gets converted together later by your existing json.dump(json_arr,outline) call:

json_arr = []
for text in gtm_Q6_df['ANSWER']:
    response = natural_language_understanding.analyze(
    json_arr.append (response) # <==== change is here
    with open('data.json','w') as outline: #with open('data.json','w') as outline:

You may need to tweak that slightly, I don’t do much Python, but the fundamental issue is that you’re converting the data in each reponse to JSON twice. Do it just once, all together, at the end.


solved How to get rid of “\n” and ” ‘ ‘ ” in my json file