[Solved] How do I update a value in C# and SQL Server? [closed]

You didn’t tell what is wrong exactly but I see a few things wrong in your code.

  • You should always use parameterized queries. This kind of string concatenations are open for SQL Injection attacks.
  • I assume your Scor and ID columns are numeric, not character. That’s why you should not use single quotes with it. With parameterized queries, you don’t need to worry about that.
  • Use using statement to dispose your SqlConnection adn SqlCommand.
  • In your second SqlCommand (which is h) you are executing first command (up1) not second one (up2).

As an example;

void Update()
  using(SqlConnection c = new SqlConnection(co))
  using(SqlCommand comm = c.CreateCommand())
     string up1 = "Update Scoruri Set [email protected] where [email protected]";
     comm.CommandText = up1;
     comm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@scor", Convert.ToInt32(scor1));
     comm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@id", otherForm.id1);
     comm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@scor", Convert.ToInt32(scor2));
     comm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@id", otherForm.id2);   


solved How do I update a value in C# and SQL Server? [closed]