[Solved] Google static API large zoomed map

I’m assuming that what you want to know is these:

1. How to load a static map of a large area

2. How much would it cost

Answer #1

You should check out this link to learn more about zoom levels.

Larger zoom levels does not mean a bigger area, in fact, it’s the other way around.

Maps on Google Maps have an integer ‘zoom level’ which defines the resolution of the current view. Zoom levels between 0 (the lowest zoom level, in which the entire world can be seen on one map) and 21+ (down to streets and individual buildings) are possible within the default roadmap view….

The following list shows the approximate level of detail you can expect to see at each zoom level:
1: World
5: Landmass/continent
10: City
15: Streets
20: Buildings

So what you should do is to change your zoom value lower.

Answer #2

You should check out this link

The Maps Static API uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model. The Google Maps Platform APIs and SDKs are billed by SKU. Usage is tracked for each SKU, and any API or SDK may have more than one product SKU. Cost is calculated by SKU usage × Price per each use.

The “per each use” here means per map LOAD. This means that regardless of the zoom levels that you use, you will only be billed per LOAD of the Static Maps API. That means if you load multiple static maps, you will be billed per map that you loaded. And it costs around 0.002 USD per LOAD if your load amount per month does not exceed 100,000. You can check the pricing table on the link I provided for more information.

Hope this helps.


solved Google static API large zoomed map