[Solved] Best cakephp plugin for sending newsletter (email) [closed]

First off: How to Ask.

Moving on to the answer, I really need more context with your problem. Is this for a business? Professional? Are there any circumstances that might make you favor one over the other?

Without knowing any context, I’d scratch off the Queue plugin. It is pushing for minimalistic, but it doesn’t sound like that is what you want. On the other end, CakeResque seems a bit overkill, and may be too much for your needs. Email Queue plugin seems simple enough to get the job done, but it hasn’t been updated in two years, which could potentially cause problems if you aren’t careful. (Sorry if this seems like common knowledge to you, but I have no context on how experienced you are.)

It really depends on what you like more. CakeResque is probably a safe bet, as it seems updated and you will find a lot more support than you might on the open source projects, but I prefer the last one, Email Queue plugin, as it is simple and gets it done fine.


solved Best cakephp plugin for sending newsletter (email) [closed]