HEX and RGB are two different color formats used in digital design and web development. HEX is a six-digit hexadecimal code that represents the amount of red, green, and blue in a color, while RGB is a color model that uses three values ranging from 0 to 255 to represent the same colors.

Converting HEX to RGB is a common task in digital design, and can be done using a simple formula. To convert a HEX code to RGB, first separate the code into its three pairs of digits representing red, green, and blue values. Then convert each pair of digits to decimal form, and divide by 255 to get the decimal value. Finally, plug the decimal values into the RGB formula: RGB (R, G, B) = (R/255, G/255, B/255).

For example, the HEX code #FF0000 represents pure red. To convert it to RGB, we would separate it into FF (red), 00 (green), and 00 (blue), convert each pair to decimal (255 and 0), and divide by 255 to get the decimal values (1 and 0). Plugging these values into the RGB formula gives us RGB (1, 0, 0), which represents pure red in RGB format.

There are also various online HEX to RGB conversion tools available that make the conversion process quick and easy. By using these tools, designers and developers can efficiently convert color codes between different formats and ensure that their color schemes are consistent across their projects.



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