Angle Converter

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What is Angle?

An angle is a measure of the distance between two points on a plane. It is measured in degrees and can be written as the angle between the horizontal and the vertical line that passes through the two points. Angle is a measure of the deviation of a line or object from a straight line. The angle between two lines is measured in degrees.

Our web-based Angle Converter Tool gives you 10+ conversions in just one click. 

For e.g. if you want to convert 1 Degree Angle you will get the below results:

Degree to Radian 0.01745329237162
Degree to Degree 1
Degree to Minutes 59.998800024
Degree to Seconds 3599.999712
Degree to Sign 0.033333333333333
Degree to Octant 0.022222222222222
Degree to Sextant 0.016666666666667
Degree to Quadrant 0.011111111111111
Degree to Revolution 0.0027777777777778
Degree to Gon 1.1111111111111
Degree to Mil 17.777777777778



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