Reactive Power Converter

A free web tool by to Convert Reactive power into different units, our tool saves your precious time.

What is Reactive Power?

Reactive power is a measure of the power required to convert electrical energy into thermal energy. It is a measure of the power consumed by an electrical system in order to produce a change in temperature. A watt is a unit of power. It is the rate at which energy is transferred. It is generally measured in units of VARs (volt-amps reactive).

Our web-based Reactive power Converter Tool gives you 5 conversions in just one click. 

e.g. if you want to Convert 1-VARs(volt-amps reactive) Reactive Power you will get the below results:

Volt to Volt 1
Volt to Millivolt 1000
Volt to Kilovolt 0.001
Volt to Megavolt 1.0E-6
Volt to Gigavolt 1.0E-9



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