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GST Calculator online tool will calculate the amount of GST included in a gross price as well as the amount you should add to a net price.

What is the percentage of GST in India?

GST rates are as under

  1. GST Rate of 5%: This rate is typically applied to essential items such as household necessities, basic healthcare, and certain food items.

  2. GST Rate of 12%: Items falling under this category include processed foods, mobile phones, and certain textiles.

  3. GST Rate of 18%: This rate is applicable to a wide range of goods and services, including consumer durables, electronic items, and restaurant services.

  4. GST Rate of 28%: The highest GST rate is applied to luxury items, automobiles, and some other goods and services.

  5. GST Rate of 0% (Exempt): Some essential items like fresh produce, certain dairy products, and unprocessed food items are exempt from GST.

  6. GST Rate of 1% (Special Rate): Certain items like gold fall under this category.

Name of Item

Applicable GST Rate

Mobile Phone




Gold Jewellery


Two wheeler




Most of the goods fall in the category of 5%, 12% and 18%, while most of the services fall in the category of 18%. GST of 28% is applicable on some items like cement, car, tobacco. There is also a Cess which is applicable only on a handful of goods like car, tobacco, pan masala.
There are also goods/services on which GST is applicable at NIL rate or which are exempted

GST tax calculation

GST amount = GST Rate(%) × Net amount

Gross amount = (100% + GST Rate(%)) × Net amount


Net amount = 100000$
GST Rate = 6%

GST amount = 6%×100000$ = 6,000$

Gross amount = (100%+6%)×100% = 106,000$

Net amount $100,000.00
GST amount $6,000.00
Gross amount $106,000.00

How GST is Calculated?

GST can be calculated simply by multiplying the Taxable amount by GST rate. If CGST & SGST/UTGST is to be applied then CGST and SGST both amounts are half of the total GST amount.
GST = Taxable Amount  x  GST Rate
If you have the amount which is already including the GST then you can calculate the GST excluding amount by below formula
GST excluding amount = GST including amount/(1+ GST rate/100)
For example: GST including amount is Rs. 525 and GST rate is 5%.
GST excluding amount = 525/(1+5/100) = 525/1.05 = 500


In the ever-evolving landscape of taxation, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) stands as a pivotal component of the global economy. Accurate GST calculations are essential for businesses, individuals, and professionals alike. Our "GST Tax Calculator" tool is designed to simplify the complexities of GST calculations, enabling users to compute GST values, determine tax liabilities, and ensure compliance effortlessly. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the significance of accurate GST calculations, the diverse applications of our GST Tax Calculator, and how it empowers businesses, taxpayers, and financial professionals.

Understanding the Significance of GST Calculation

  1. Business Compliance: For businesses, GST is a critical component of tax compliance. Accurate calculations are essential for GST return filing, avoiding penalties, and maintaining transparency with tax authorities.

  2. Financial Planning: For individuals, GST affects financial planning, budgeting, and expense management. Accurate calculations help individuals plan their expenses and savings effectively.

  3. Tax Liability: GST calculations determine the tax liability of businesses and individuals. Precise calculations are crucial to avoid overpaying or underpaying GST.

  4. Invoice Preparation: GST calculations are integral to invoice preparation, especially for businesses. Invoices must accurately reflect the GST amount to maintain financial accuracy and compliance.

Versatile Applications of the GST Tax Calculator

Our GST Tax Calculator tool offers a wide range of applications:

  1. GST Rate Calculator: Calculate GST values based on different GST rates and the taxable amount.

  2. Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) Calculation: Determine RCM liability for businesses registered under the RCM.

  3. GST Return Filing: Use the calculator to verify the accuracy of GST returns before submission.

  4. Invoice Verification: Ensure the GST amount on invoices is correct for both businesses and individuals.

  5. Tax Planning: Plan financial transactions, investments, and expenses to optimize GST benefits.

Using the GST Tax Calculator

Our user-friendly GST Tax Calculator tool simplifies GST-related calculations:

  • Input Taxable Amount: Enter the taxable amount, select the applicable GST rate, and the tool provides accurate GST calculations.

  • Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM): Businesses can compute their RCM liability by entering the taxable amount under RCM.

  • Comprehensive Results: Get precise GST calculations, including GST amount, CGST, SGST, IGST, and total invoice value.

  • Customizable Output: Download or print GST calculation results for documentation and record-keeping.

  • Regular Updates: Our tool stays updated with the latest GST rates and regulations to ensure accuracy.

  • Privacy and Security: Rest assured that your financial data is secure and confidential when using our GST Tax Calculator.

Incorporating our GST Tax Calculator into your financial planning, business operations, and tax compliance efforts empowers you with the precision and efficiency needed for GST-related tasks. From accurate tax liability calculations to GST return filing, our tool simplifies the complexities of GST and enhances financial transparency. Embrace the power of precise GST calculations and simplify your taxation journey. Calculate GST with confidence today.



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