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What is Currency?

Currency is a medium of exchange used in society to facilitate the trade of goods and services. Currency can be physical (coins and paper money) or digital (computers and bank accounts). Currency is also used to represent the value of investments and to control the flow of goods and services in an economy. 

You Will get these conversions:

USD to EUR 0.932835821
USD to USD 1
USD to GBP 0.79990671514766
USD to INR 77.597947696283
USD to AUD 1.4134328352849
USD to CAD 1.2792910448411
USD to JPY 127.32276119374
USD to BGN 1.8244402983484
USD to BRL 4.8314365787152
USD to CHF 0.96399253697122
USD to CNY 6.665018678805
USD to CZK 23.006529872071
USD to DKK 6.9413246198251
USD to HKD 7.8491604535405
USD to HRK 7.0228544631413
USD to HUF 357.58395480901
USD to IDR 14656.604473908
USD to ILS 3.3440298543578
USD to KRW 1262.7332099186
USD to LTL 0.932835821
USD to LVL 0.932835821
USD to MXN 19.818656715284
USD to MYR 4.3914179068046
USD to NOK 9.5979477663481
USD to NZD 1.5537313432438
USD to PHP 52.380596941467
USD to PLN 4.2924440300804
USD to RON 4.6125000091475
USD to RUB 0.932835821
USD to SEK 9.7959888085672
USD to SGD 1.37332089554
USD to THB 34.150186570081
USD to TRY 16.09813432756
USD to ZAR 15.654291053739



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