Charge Converter

A free web tool by to Convert Charge into different units, our tool saves your precious time.

What is a Charge?

A charge is an electric potential difference between two points in space. The charge is a noun meaning the quantity of electric charge carried by an electron in an atom or molecule.  SI unit of charge is the coulomb (C).

Our web-based Charge Converter Tool gives you 15+ conversions in just one click. 
e.g. if you want to convert 1 Charge (C) you will get the below results:

Coulomb to Coulomb 1
Coulomb to Megacoulomb 1.0E-6
Coulomb to Kilocoulomb 0.001
Coulomb to Millicoulomb 1000
Coulomb to Microcoulomb 1000000
Coulomb to Nanocoulomb 1000000000
Coulomb to Picocoulomb 1000000000000
Coulomb to Abcoulomb 0.1
Coulomb to Emu 0.1
Coulomb to Statcoulomb 2997924581.7809
Coulomb to Esu 2997924581.7809
Coulomb to Franklin 2997924581.7809
Coulomb to Ampere hour 0.00027777780015432
Coulomb to Ampere minute 0.016666666694444
Coulomb to Ampere second 1
Coulomb to Faraday 1.0364300004464E-5
Coulomb to Elementary 6.241506363094E+18



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