Volume Converter

A free web tool by MgToL.com to Convert Volume into Units, our tool saves your precious time.

What is Volume? 

Liquid volume is the quantity of space a liquid takes up or milk in this case. The tool and unit you use to measure a liquid are determined by what you're doing. Liquid volume is measured in ounces, milliliters, or liters.

Our web-based Volume Converter gives you 9-conversions in just one click. 

e.g. if you want to Convert 1 gallon you will get the below results:

Gallons to Gallons 1
Gallons to Quarts 3.9999978866237
Gallons to Liters 3.78541
Gallons to Pints 8.0000042267571
Gallons to Cups 15.772541666667
Gallons to Ounces 128.00006762811
Gallons to Tablespoons 255.99926961885
Gallons to Teaspoons 767.99988638485
Gallons to Milliliters 3785.41



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