How to Block a YouTube Channel on TV


How to Block a YouTube Channel on TV

There are some channels and videos which always show up whenever you open YouTube, whether on your phone, PC, or on smart TV. As a user you have the right to choose what kind of content you want to watch on YouTube and appear on the home page. You can block or remove a certain YouTube channel that you think is inappropriate for you. This article will guide you on how to block a YouTube channel on TV, on your PC, and on your Android smartphone. You will also learn about how to block YouTube channels from showing up on the home page.

How to Block a YouTube Channel on TV

How to Block a YouTube Channel on TV

If you also get annoyed by channels you do not watch and genres that do not interest you, this article is right for you. Here you will discover how you can get rid of boring content with a few easy steps only. So, make sure to read till the end.

How to Block YouTube Channels from Showing Up

You certainly don’t want some YouTube channels to take up your home page, there are some channels you don’t want to watch ever, or don’t want your kids to watch, due to any possible reason like clickbait content, inappropriate mature content, or any other. Here we have given the steps to remove the channels that keeps showing up on your home feed on the web browser as well as on the YouTube app. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

Method 1: Block YouTube Channel on YouTube Browser

This method is for those users who use YouTube webpage on their laptops for online streaming of entertaining content by creators worldwide.

1. Go to the main YouTube website on your web browser.

2. Click on the channel icon of the video that you want to remove.

click on the channel icon

3. Next, go to the ABOUT section.

go to about section. How to Block a YouTube Channel on TV


4. Now, click on the flag icon under the Stats section.

click on the flag icon

5. Select Block user from the drop-down menu.

click on block user. How to Block a YouTube Channel on TV


6. Finally, click on Submit to block the YouTube channel.

click on submit. How to Block a YouTube Channel on TV


Method 2: Block YouTube Channel on YouTube App

If you use the YouTube app instead of the online browser version, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Open the YouTube app on your Android smartphone.

2. Locate the video and tap on the channel icon.

3. Next, tap on the three dots icon at the top right corner.

tap on the three dots

4. Select Block user from the menu on your screen.

5. Finally, tap on Block to confirm and block the channel.

tap on block

There you go! Now you know how to block a YouTube channel from showing up on your phone as well as on your PC.

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How to Block YouTube Channels on Smart TV?

Let us move forward with another method for how to remove YouTube channels from showing up. If you are watching videos on YouTube on your Android smart TV and whenever you open YouTube and certain channels and their videos appear on your feed, it can be annoying. When they are in your recommendations even if you don’t enjoy that channel and its content, or it can be inappropriate, they still appear and populate your home page. To know how to block YouTube channels on smart TV from appearing and avoid getting video recommendations in the future you can follow the below-mentioned steps on your Android TV:

1. Open YouTube on your smart TV.

youtube on tv

2. Press and hold the select button on your remote for a few seconds.

3. Select Not interested from the drop-down menu.

4. At last, select Don’t recommend channel under Tell us why.

That’s it, you have successfully removed the video from your home page, and from now on YouTube algorithm will work to avoid showing such video recommendations in the future.

How to Remove a YouTube Channel from Suggestions without Blocking It

You can remove a YouTube channel from suggestions without blocking it, to do that, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. On your YouTube homepage, find a video from a channel.

2. Click on the three vertical dots icon.

3. Then, click on Don’t recommend channel.

select don't recommend channel option on Youtube video

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to block YouTube channels on Android?

Ans. You can easily block channels on an Android device, and to do that, follow the steps given in Method 2.

Q2. Can you block a YouTube channel on the Google Chrome browser?

Ans. Yes, you can block a channel on the Chrome browser. Follow the steps given in the above Method 1 to do so.

Q3. Can you block YouTube channels without account?

Ans. No, you cannot block channels without an account.


So, no more unwanted videos popping up on your YouTube home feed. Going through this guide surely have helped you to get rid of those channels with boring, or inappropriate contents showing up every time when you open YouTube. You have learned now how to block a YouTube channel on TV, on PC and on your Android phone.


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