Naukri Resdex Price & Registration Process for Employers


Naukri Resdex Price & Registration Process for Employers


What is Naukri Resdex : Naukri Resdex is a largest data base of job seekers which help the recruiters find suitable candidates. Naukri has a data base of more than 70 million job seekers from various streams of educations, and job experiences. The full form of Resdex is Resume Data Base Access.

Employers need to subscribe to the Resdex packages in Naukri to search the profiles of job seekers.

Naukri Resdex Cost for Different Packages

Right now Naukri is offering 4 different types of packages, these packages are based on the number of days for which we want their services. At present, it has 3 days, 7 days, and 15 days ( 2 hot vacancy job posting + 3 hot vacancy job posting) packages.

Along with these packages, the employers can get a free hot job vacancy posting which generally costs 1650 Rs for one posting.

3 Days Package 7 Days Package 15 Days Package 15 Days Package (II)
No of hot vacancy job postings 1 ( worth 1650 Rs for free) 2 ( worth 3300 Rs for free) 2 ( worth 3300 Rs for free) 3 ( worth 4950 Rs for free)
CV access 150 CVs 350 CVs 700 CVs 700 CVs
Emails 1500 emails 3500 emails 7000 emails 7000 emails
Price (₹) 4000 Rs 14000 Rs 14000 Rs 15250 Rs

How to Register for Naukri Resdex

Step 1:– To register in Naukri Resdex go to the Naukri recruiters portal and on the home page you can find an option called login/register, now click on that.

Naukri Resdex Price

Step 2:- Now enter your company name, company email ( should be like, phone number, contact person name, type of the company, and pin code and GSTIN (optional). After entering all the required details check the terms & conditions and click on create account.

how to register in naukri resdex

Step 3:- Now you will receive an activation link to your email from Naukri, by clicking on that link your Naukri recruiter account will be activated and during this process, you need to set up a password.

naukri resdex activation

Step 4:- Once you acitvate your account then you can login with your email id and password, and you can start searching profiles on Naukri.

If you want to add any sub users then you can add them in Naukri emploloyer portal dash board.

Step 5:- Till now only the registration process has completed, to find profiles of job seekers you need to purchase any package. For that click on Resdex on the menu in the dashboard. Now a new page will open there click on the buy now option.

resdex naukri,

Step 6:- Now choose a package that suits your requirements and make the payment. Along with the Resdex package, you will get 1 or 2 free hot vacancy job postings.

naukri resdex cost and their packages

To post more hot vacany job posting you need to buy extra credits. You can see the packages below.

naukri hot vacancy job postings price

How to use Resdex in Naukri

To use Naukri Resdex and to find profiles of job seekers follow the below steps

Step 1:- Login in Naukri employer dash board with your email id and password.

Step 2:- Now in dashboard go to Resdex in the menu and click on select resumes from the drop-down menu. For advanced search scroll down and you will find an option called continue to search.

how to use naukri resdex

Step 3:- If you click on advanced search then enter the keywords related to designation requirements for which you are looking, and experience, salary expectations, skills, education details, etc.

Step 4:- After entering all the details click on search, now all the relevant profiles will appear to you in the search results.

Step 5:- Now by clicking on the profile of the job seeker you can view his profile and if you want to find his phone number then click on the show phone number.

If you find any difficulties during the registration process or using Naukri recruiters portal then contact Naukri helpline by calling their landline number ✆ 0120-4868900 or toll-free number 1800 102 5558 (or) send email to their support team [email protected]

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