List of Naukri Fast Forward Services & Their Cost


List of Naukri Fast Forward Services & Their Cost


What is Naukri Fast Foward Services: Naukri offers paid services to the job seekers to help them in the recruitment process like improving their profile performance, getting the attention of recruiters by promoting their profile, etc… By using the Naukri fast forward services the job seekers can get more calls when compared to free profile holders in Naukri.

List of Naukri Fast Forward Services & Their Pricing

1. Resume Display

Price :

  • 1335 Rs for 3 months
  • 1899 Rs for Six months

If you use this service then your profile will be featured and your profile will get up to 3 times more attention when compared with normal profile holders and it will reduce the completion of 99.8% from the free account holders.

When more recruiters view your profile then chances are high to get calls from them.

Free Resume Display vs Paid Resume Display Benefits

Service Free Profile Paid Profile
Competing with 70 million free account holders
Competing with only 50,000 paid profile job seekers
Profile enhancement by Naukri expert
⭐️ Featured tag, to show active job seeker status
Visibility boost after automatic refresh by the recruiters
1 Lakh additional recruiters visibility
Guaranteed interview calls from the recruiters

For more details visit :

2. Priority Applicant


  • 617 Rs for 3 months,
  • 825 Rs for 6 months

As a priority applicant your profile will be highlighted in the search results of the recruiters so the chances of getting calls will increase when compared with free account holders.

The priority based applicants will receive up to 2 relevant job sms per days.

Service Free Profile Paid Profile
Job search and apply in Naukri
Job application highlight
First to apply for priority access jobs
Receive 2 profile based relevant job SMS
4 times more attention
Guaranteed interview calls from the recruiters

3. Resume Critique

Price: 712 Rs

By using this service your resume will be reviewed by the Naukri experts and they will give some tips to improve the quality of your resume and they will let you know about the gaps and improvement areas in your resume.

Simply by using this service the visibility of your resume will improve and you will get more attention of recruiters.

Service Free Profile Paid Profile
Applying for jobs in Naukri
Detailed resume analysis to know your strengths
Tips to create an error-free resume
Know gaps and improvements in your resume by experts
Get a new handwritten resume from professionals
Guaranteed interview calls from the recruiters

4. Resume Writing


The pricing of Naukri resume writing service varies for entry-level, mid-level, senior-level, and executive-level resume formats of job seekers.

For Entry Level ( 0 to 3 years experience) 1158 Rs (0-1 yrs) & 1780 Rs (1-3 yrs)
Mid Level ( 3 to 8 years experience) 2492 Rs
Senior Level ( 8 to 15 years experience) 3145 Rs
Executive Level ( above 15 years 4183 Rs

By using this service you will get a profesionally resume format by experts, which highlight you skills in your job domain and your resume looks more firendly.

If you are not able to create a resume yourself then you can avail this service from Naukri.

Service Free Profile Paid Profile
Visibility of CV to recruiters
Professionally written resume to impress recruiters
Stand out in the crowd
Highlighting your skills in your job domain
Friendly resume format to gain more attention of recruiters
65+ quality checks to craft error-free resume
Guaranteed interview calls from the recruiters

4. Resume Quality Score Check

Price: Free

Resume quality score check is a free service offered by Naukri, by using this service you can know the quality score of your resume. Naukri uses 25+ quality check parameters to score your resume.

To use this service you need to upload your resume (doc / .docx format) and you will get instant feed bank of your resume. If your resume quality score is high then it is good, if it is low then you have to make improvements to your resume.

Resume quality check in Naukri,


5. Jobs for You


  • 890 Rs for 3 months
  • 1364 Rs for 6 months

By using this service you can become an early applicant and get instant access to apply for the jobs. You will receive the jobs handpicked by the Naukri experts within 30 minutes after being posted by the recruiters.

Service Free Profile Paid Profile
Search and applying jobs
Receive jobs within 30 minutes after being posted
Advantage of early applicant
Naukri experts will handpick job for you
Expand job search to other jobs posted in company website
3 relevant job sms per day
Customized job alerts and emails
Guaranteed interview calls from the recruiters

6. Recruiter Connection


Pricing depends on the number of credits, for 5 credits 587 Rs, for 10 credits 979 Rs, and for 20 credits 1661 Rs.

By using this service you can personally message the recruiters and get better attention of them. Under this service you will get job recommendations on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Service Free Profile Paid Profile
Search and apply for the jobs
Follow 2 Lakh, active recruiters
Access to confidential jobs posted by recruiters
Direct communication with the recruiter
Send a personal message to recruiters
Job application follow up
Job recommendations on every Mon, Wed & Friday
Guaranteed interview calls from the recruiters

7. Interview Preparation

Price: 1602 Rs

By using this service you can get a mock interview with seniors in your industry to know how a real interview looks like and you will also know your weaknesses and by fixing them you can gain confidence.

  • You will get 30 minutes coaching from an HR expert about advanced interview techniques.
  • You will get feedback to improve your skills and to fix your weaknesses.

Is Naukri fast word services worth

For most of the job seekers, these Naukri fast forward services are not required. If you can create your resume and have the confidence to attend an interview then these services are not required for you.

Naukri is a largest data base of employees and jobs, for most of us the free services offered by Naukri are enough. But if you want to get an additional benefits by using their fast word services then you can try them.

My favorite is their interview preparation service, by using this service we can get some practical knowledge about the job interview.

Is Naukri Fast Forward Services Fake

No, they are not fake. You will get service from Naukri for what you have paid, but they don’t guarantee you that you will get the interview calls from the recruiters. So by keeping in this mind you have to take a decision whether to use their fast forward services or not.

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